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So this is my tribute to the KurtBastian Bigbang Round two that is going on now.
I did the art for the story 'Hear Me' by the lovely hannah_sheree

I hope you like it :)

Title: Hear Me
Author/Artist: HannahSheree || Koffa
Warnings: Tiny amount of Klaine. It’s neither Klaine unfriendly or friendly. And very small warning for a single mention of Finn. Also, warnings for drink spiking.
Rating: M
Word count: 16 784

poems bombarding my brain...

vanessawolfie I'm blaming you for this flood of poems assaulting my brain, bleak the lot of them... I couldn't even bring myself to go home from school before I finished this one. *pouting* Anyway here ya go, a new poem. 

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No going back

Hi again!

So I wrote a short original story the other day. I wonder if you can figure out what it is I'm writing about? Those who figure it out get a cookie :D

Title: No Going Back
Author: koffasupernova
Rating: M
Word count: 157 words
Warnings: gambling, (implied addiction) 

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Hiding our faces for acceptance.

Hello again :)

So I was at a vanessawolfie's house this Saturday. After watching some shows I was going to bed and out of the blue I started thinking about how our community doesn't allow much individualism

If you aren't like everybody else you are often ignored, stamped as crazy and generally not considered as decent company. Of course this doesn't apply everywhere as there are always exceptions, but it got me thinking of how so many of us have crafted masks just to be included. We put them on when we get out of bed in the morning and never really think of how happier we could be without them.

Freedom to be who you are without judgment is the most wonderful thing you can achieve. That is why friends who accept us for who we are with all our quirks and bad points are the most precious thing in the world.

I needed an outlet for all my feelings on this subject so I wrote a poem (It's the first time that I actually finished writing one, usually I think they are so badly done or stupid that I stop and throw them away).
I wasn't sure what to title it, maybe it will come to me in the future, but for now its temporary title is Masks.

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First post and fic

Hello there :)
This is my first post on this lovely site that my lovely friend vanessawolfie introduced me to. 
A few days ago she showed me the stories she was writing for the drabble day challlenge over at hd_writers
When I was looking over the prompts I got such a good idea from the prompt potions that I simply couldn't ignore it. So this is my first attempt at writing a drabble, and I have to say it came out rather well.
So here you go ;) I hope you like it.

Title: An Unexpected Meeting
Author: koffasupernova
Word count: 691 words
Warnings: none

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